TCC2’s Debut ...

TCC2’s Debut Performance

TCC2’s first performance was on Saturday 18th December alongside Thame Chamber Choir. There was huge anticipation from an expected full house at St Marys Church – all the tickets had been sold!

Well, despite the atrocious weather conditions, there was complete and utter determination to carry on and not let the weather beat us…. and it didn’t! So many people, whether performing or in the audience, stepped into absent friends’ shoes and helped get the concert underway, from manning the front of house, preparing the warm refreshments, and watching over the youngsters in TCC2, creating a great atmosphere of warmth and seasonal goodwill.

At the dress rehearsal

The concert was a great success with super feedback, with so many people appreciative that the show had gone on.

Out of the 25 cast of TCC, 17 members did manage to get to the church and there were enough people to represent each voice part, so the main Chamber choir concert programme could go ahead as planned. The TCC2 numbers didn’t fare quite so well with only 11 out of the planned 30 TCC2 children managing to get to the church for their inaugural TCC2 concert , even so they sang beautifully. Special mention goes to sisters Georgina and Anna Hayward for their accomplished solo verses.

Well done to all the other members who were able to take part: Sophie Johnstone, Louisa Quinn, Eleanor Slatter, Thomas Heusen, Nadia Pedley, Lilly Roberts, Abi Haigh, Beth and Tilly Doyle.

Performing at the concert

The audience, a little short of the expected picture of being packed to the rafters, enjoyed the evening immensely, with the warm mulled wine and mince pies understandably going down really well. There was great appreciation of professional baritone Ben Davies’s contribution, his singing being described as ‘a real treat’. The originally planned cellist couldn’t get out of London but, fortunately for TCC, Nick Roberts, a local professional cellist, was not able to get to his engagement in London, so stepped in at the last minute and performed admirably.

Despite the success of the evening, our thoughts go out to the near 20 children who after weeks of practice were hugely disappointed when the weather forced them to miss their first big TCC2 performing event. The children and parents who did make the concert thoroughly enjoyed themselves with TCC2 singing very well, despite their reduced numbers.

So – an eventful first performance for TCC2 but an enjoyable and successful one leaving everyone looking forward to an exciting future for the choir.

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